Manager Launch and Best Practice

Buy-Side firms engage Fortifinancial for 2 primary reasons:

  • New Launch:  we support the CFO by writing the compliance manual, DDQ, key policies (valuation, DR, cyber security), and other key materials (trade flow, etc.)
  • Tune Up:  we support the CFO of an established manager by auditing the firm policies and procedures, benchmarking against best practices, and implementing required changes.

Process Summary - what do we do?

  • Pre-contract, we build an extremely detailed project list (e.g., down to number of turns of DDQ);
  • We have developed comprehensive interview questionnaires to support the development of your Compliance Manual, DDQ, DR Plan, Cyber Security Policy, and other regulatory and marketing materials as necessary;
  • The project list is updated and discussed periodically with the CFO; and
  • We interact and coordinate with other service providers supporting the launch.

Process Summary - what we don't do?

  • We do not stretch beyond our core skills. We stick with what we are good at.
  • To supplement, we have formal and informal working relationships with other vendors to support IT needs, ongoing compliance support, systems, counterparty negotiations, corporate governance, among others.

Buy-Side Presentation
Buy-Side and Investor References

  • 100% of our buy-side clients will provide extremely positive reference for our work.